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Now you can fully integrate audio, video, lighting, security, shades and all of your home technologies.  Smart Home automation allows you to take control over the multiple systems running within the house with a well-designed and programmed home control system. Smart Home automation makes technology in your home easy to use for the entire family all while increasing your family‚Äôs comfort, safety, and peace of mind. Did we mention convenience? Your family never has to come home to a hot, dark home again. Dr.Stereo can program your home to turn the A/C up and light a path from your garage, through your hallway, into the kitchen and up the stairs.

Smart Home automation starts with the control system.  From a handheld remote control to an in-wall touch panel, to an iPad, you and your family will have the most contact with the audio & video control system and device. Dr.Stereo makes sure it's intuitive and easy to use. Your system's controls and interface should make perfect sense to even guests when they turn on the TV or play music. Based on your needs and budget, Dr.Stereo will find the best solution for your home.

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Smart Home Installation